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"Consumers Credit Union adopted LKCS DataFlex tools and are delighted with the results. DataFlex provides many of the benefits of an MCIF system without the expense and complexities of managing it ourselves.

DataFlex has enabled us to launch new targeted marketing campaigns and easily measure the results. We have the tools we need to analyze our membership and gain new business. DataFlex is quickly becoming an invaluable marketing and cross-selling tool."

Hal Coxon
Consumers Credit Union
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DataFlex: Advanced Financial Marketing, Reporting and Tracking Solutions

  • How are your account holders using your financial institution?
  • What is the demographic profile of the people that have each of your products?
  • Are you effectively cross-selling your products to new and existing account holders?
  • How effective are your marketing campaigns?

How difficult is it for you to gather this information from your data processing system?

LKCS’ DataFlex suite of marketing, reporting and tracking solutions can make this type of analysis easy. Interactive dashboards and reports enable you to get the information you need to make smart marketing decisions. Drill into your data to easily identify new marketing opportunities.

Best of all – you don’t need to know anything about database layouts, report writing, or programming. Get instant access to your information with a user-friendly system that enables you to rearrange and format your data on the fly.

LKCS imports your data files from any data processing system into our advanced data warehouse. We then append demographic information for each account holder to help you classify different groups of account holders.

Prospect Analysis
  • How effective are your marketing campaigns?
Marketing Analysis
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities by analyzing account relationship information to create distinct account holder segments based around product types and balance levels which can then be used in product development, targeted marketing, or relationship pricing.
Promotion Analysis
  • Couple demographic data and account relationship data to optimize promotions.
  • How effective are your marketing campaigns?

Branch Analysis
  • Compare account penetration, marketing campaign success, and new account acquisition between branch locations. View our samples!