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False Lapping, Gatefold and CD Gluing, Partial Cover Tipping

LKCS provides high-quality services to facilitate false lapping, gatefold and CD gluing, partial tipping, die-cut tipping, and regular tipping.

Glue items to highlight product ads or for special offers.
  • Standard or tabloid magazines
  • Glue can be applied to cover or inside pages
We also fix problems! We can remove pages, apply labels to cover printing errors and repackage items that were packaged wrong.
  • Unique and custom operations
  • Quick turnaround

Call or e-mail Steve Piano for a quote at 815-220-3909 or stevep@lk-cs.com

Whether you have a one time special fulfillment need or you have a monthly goal to meet, LKCS can help you get it done right the first time! Our team will work hard to get your project out on time and on budget!



  • Bellybanding
  • Blow in cards
  • Special Packaging/Boxing
  • Hand inserting
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Shipping
  • Partial & Full Cover Tipping
  • Die-cut Tipping
  • French Gate Gluing
  • CD or Promotional Gluing
  • False Lapping
  • Other

LKCS has a trained staff ready and able to meet all your fulfillment or handwork needs!

Give us a call today for more information.