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LKCS can answer questions about your market including profiling your customers, potential customers and competitors. Utilizing a variety of resources, LKCS can provide clear, concise and graphic reports.

We can retrieve specific data to define your market by county, zip code, city, driving time, distance and other options and provide reports to help you develop more effective marketing plans and promotions.   

We feature several standard products including:

Provides a comprehensive overview of valuable demographic information, including population, households, race, and income including 5 year projections of key statistics for your market.

  • Population
    • Race
    • Age
  • Households
  • Income
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • 5 Year Projections

Segmented Demographics
Builds on our standard demographic report by providing breakdowns for targeted age populations.  Data is also available based on lifestyle segmentation.

  • Seniors
  • Middle Years
  • Young Adults
  • Lifestyle Distribution

Competitor Intelligence
Provides detailed information on other financial institutions within your geographic area including amount of deposits

  • Branch Names
  • Addresses
  • Type of Institution
  • Deposits

Customer Intelligence
Provides a map of your customers and branch locations to visually identify customer distribution and a detailed summary of the number of accounts and average dollar balance/value for a variety of financial products.

  • Customer Distribution Map
  • Market Financial Profile (# of Accounts and Total $$$)
    • Checking Accounts
    • Savings Accounts
    • Investment Accounts
    • Retirement Accounts
    • Loans
      • Auto
      • Home
      • Student
    • ATM Usage
    • Online Banking Usage

Management Team Presentations
Our staff will prepare and present the above information to your management team/board including interpretation and impact of the data.

    • Demographics
    • Competitor Intelligence
    • Customer Intelligence
    • Presentation Graphics

In addition, our Market Analysis team can provide custom research that includes customer profiling to help better define the types of customers your organization is serving. This type of analysis will allow your organization to identify the target audience in your community to serve. Combined with our Mailing Lists, you can focus your marketing efforts on the correct audience.