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What is Marketing?

Marketing is an ongoing, ever changing and dynamic culture. There are many opinions on what marketing is and what it is not. Marketing is an inexact science with many varying experts and many varying answers!

The one constant in marketing is the need to advertise. The biggest question with advertising and marketing is "How do you reach your target audience within an effective campaign?"

For example, how do you promote a Roth IRA to your prospects? The answer is, “many ways”. The same product which is needed and can benefit all cross sections of people has to be marketed differently. You first need to educate prospects on what exactly a Roth IRA is and how it can benefit your prospects. If they don’t know what it is, why should they invest in one? It won’t happen.

You need to educate and market to the varied segments of customers differently. Middle-aged, Baby Boomers, Gen Y and Gen X all can benefit from a Roth IRA, but Gen X and Gen Y will probably not go into a building; they have to be contacted electronically. They may respond to direct mail, but a picture of a 35 year old with small kids will not relate to them.

So depending on the cross section of clients you are marketing to, different photos, different messages and different methods have to be used to market the exact same product. For Gen X and Gen Y, blogs may be the way to educate clients on certain products and their benefits to them like a Roth IRA. Electronically is going to be the best way to reach them.

LKCS can assist you in these needs! We can help you to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) on campaigns and also assist in showing how marketing one product can affect and grow other business for your organization.