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Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are beginning to appear everywhere. These strange 2d barcodes embed data such as web site URLs, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and calendar events. When smartphone users scan these codes, the phone automatically launches the requested web page, calls the embedded number, drafts an e-mail, etc. – no typing required!

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Why Go Mobile with Your Marketing?

According to the Morgan Stanley Internet Trends Report (June 2010):

  • More smartphones will be purchased annually than desktop and notebook PCs by 2012 (In North America, this is already happening)
  • There are 1.6B internet users worldwide and 4.1B mobile subscribers.
  • There are 5 major trends converging that are causing massive mobile internet growth: 3G/4G, social networking, video, VoIP, impressive mobile devices
  • By 2015 “more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs.”

Do People Use QR Codes?

During the last six months of 2010 QR code scanning increased 1,200 percent across North America. (Source: Mobio Identity Systems, Inc.) In fact, smartphone users in the U.S. scanned more QR codes in 2010 than any other country in the world.

The same report showed:

  • The majority of QR scanning is coming from individuals in the 35-44 years of age bracket (25%). 
  • Steady adoption is being seen amongst all age brackets between 18 and 54 years of age (84%).
  • Majority of QR scanners are females (64%) - generally head of households.
  • Women show more interest than men in collecting information on products and services, entering contests, and making purchases using their smartphone.

QR Codes are Trackable

LKCS can generate QR codes for your campaigns and track monthly/yearly visitors, weekly visitors, daily visitors, and even the types of smartphones used to scan your codes.

Unique QR codes can be generated for personalized marketing – enable us to track which direct mail or statement marketing/transpromo recipients scanned their QR codes.

QR Code Best Practices

  • Include simple instructions with your QR Codes to educate people about QR codes.
    QR Code with instructions
  • Generate unique QR codes for different pieces that link to the same URL. For example, measure different newspaper ads, distinguish between direct mail and statement stuffers, etc.
  • Format landing pages for mobile devices. Content Management Systems make this easy.
  • Link to compelling content – relevant text (keep it short), special offers, exclusive links, videos, contests

Ready to Go Mobile?

Contact LKCS today. We can provide QR codes and tracking reports for all of your marketing campaigns. Of course we can assist with launching a mobile site as well, if needed.