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Statement Samples
Print Friendly Patient Statements

Processing patient statements is probably one of your most important job functions. If your statements aren’t in your patient’s hands, they cannot pay the bill. Unfortunately, administrative workload, crisis management or staffing issues can slow down the patient statement process. 

For less than your cost to mail your statements in-house, you can outsource the printing/mailing process to LKCS. You can transfer your statements to us in minutes directly from your computer. Then, we will laser print and mail your statements for you.

LKCS can provide a reduction in errors due to fewer interruptions and a simplified process. Professional mail processing and automated postage delivery times will get your statements to your customers faster. This could then allow your customers to return their payments sooner.

We Never Call in Sick
You will never need to worry again if your medical statements will mail on time. We have automated the process to allow for the minimal amount of human intervention. This means your statements will be mailed accurately and on time every time.

Get A Cost Comparison Today
Contact us by calling 815-223-0391, or e-mail us at lkcs@lk-cs.com. We will then ask you a few questions and prepare a price quote for your statements. Simply compare what it is currently costing you to what we will charge you. We will be surprised if we don’t show you a cost savings immediately!