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Success of any website is dependent on several things from the early design stages to development as well as many others. Another key element is site maintenance. Depending on your target audience, site maintenance schedules can be monthly, weekly, daily or even more frequently. The main reason for site maintenance is to keep your products, services, offers and information current. A key goal with your site is to keep users coming back and current content is an important step in achieving that goal.

LKCS can help you keep your site up to date in several ways.
  • Maintenance agreement – Set a schedule with LKCS to dedicate a predetermined amount of time to your site for updates at intervals determined by you.
  • Case by case basis – Contact LKCS when you need changes made to your site and we will handle your updates as needed at our hourly rate.
  • Make your own changes – LKCS offers clients who host with LKCS the ability to make their own changes.
Key elements to maintain on your site
  • Banner ads
  • Products and services
  • Financial rates
  • Date sensitive information
  • New announcements
  • What’s New and Special’s page content
As your site matures you may want to ask the following questions
  • Has the site maintained your corporate identity?
  • Is your site structure working well to meet the needs of your users?
  • Is your activity report showing you any signs of areas for improvement?
  • Is your search engine optimization up to date?
  • Are your pages current and accurate?
  • Is feedback from your users determining the need for change?
  • Are your site graphics looking dated and in need of an update?

LKCS is here to help your site succeed after it is live. Please contact us today to see how we can help you.