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Print Friendly Online Surveys

Electronic surveys enable you to conduct market research quickly and inexpensively. Most marketing research can cost tens of thousands of dollars plus months of waiting for the results.

With LKCS’ online surveys, research is quick and inexpensive. Electronic surveys are tremendous tools for financial institutions to improve their marketing efforts and response rates.

The Advantage of Online Surveys versus Mailing a Survey:
  • Data is collected online
  • Reports can be generated immediately
  • Advanced data analysis tools to understand results
  • No data entry bottleneck or cost
  • Higher response rates than printed surveys
  • No postage fees
How Can your Company Use Online Surveys?
  • Conduct research on implementing new products or services
  • Get feedback on accounts, services, and operations
  • Dramatically reduce existing traditional survey expenses
  • Identify cross-selling opportunities
  • Build e-marketing lists

LKCS’ e-surveys are completely customized for you. We can even include your web site navigation elements for a seamless transition from your web site to the survey. Survey design and analysis is also available from survey experts and statisticians.

See for yourself. Take a look at the following survey:


Individual Survey Results
Survey Results

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